What Makes Us Better


  • TWO people: A Photographer and Acting Coach to help bring out various expressions in your photographs, and fix your posture, hair, wardrobe, makeup during your session
  • THREE to FIVE looks: bring additional outfits for us to photograph you in, to present multiple attractive sides of yourself. (formal, casual, etc.)
  • Pre-session Consultation: Arrive with several outfit options. We will take test-photos and choose the most flattering three looks for your upcoming photography session.
  • Photograph Cropping and Culling: You will receive your 10 best photographs, already cropped, prepared and ready to use.
  • Hair [and Makeup] Assistance:  (You do your own hair and makeup so that your photograph will look like you, but we take what you’ve done and enhance it, and also make sure that it stays perfect throughout the photography session.)

Our photos will show off the best you can be — not by excessive retouching but simply by taking the time to photograph you at your best.

Usually you have one of two choices: a snapshot which is not the most flattering, or a professional photo which often comes out looking unnatural, stiff, overdone, or just plain doesn’t look like you because your hair and makeup aren’t the way you usually do it.

But now you have a third — and best — choice, that most people don’t know about: high-quality, flattering photos of you, taken by an experienced, professional photographer — which look like they were taken by your friends at random, natural occasions in your life! Our photographs will capture your inner spark – the spark that will attract the right kind of attention.