Examples of Shidduch Photos




“Eric and Breindel help bring out your inner self in the pictures. It took some time for me to open up and feel comfortable, but they were patient with me and encouraging me to relax and be myself. By the end of the shoot, I felt empowered, excited, and more able to come out of my shell– and that feeling has stayed with me. I’ve learned how to embrace and expose my inner light more and feel freer and more beautiful as a person.” ~ G.C.

“More than 55 FaceBook friends remarked, in less than a few hours, how much they liked my new FB profile photo.  This speaks powerfully of the impact and appeal of Shidduch Photography.  During the photography shoot, co-founders Breindel Wood and Eric Shefferman made me feel so comfortable that I was able to let go of my nervousness and just be myself, which allowed Eric’s camera to capture and convey my personality.   Breindel and Eric speak with you during the shoot to help you feel engaged and genuine rather than posed and artificial.   For sure, I wanted to look great and feel attractive.  Breindel took care of that, with advice about hair, make-up, pose, poise, and “look.”   With decades of experience in the theatre, Breindel is a professional in the domain of presentation and representation, i.e., dress and makeup.  As a photographer, Eric is patient and careful about wanting to get the right shot, in the right light, with the right smile. 

The photographs can also be used for professional purposes and social media such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.   Contact them; you’ll enjoy the experience (and the photos!!!).” ~Elianna

HarrietBeforeAfter                                                          HarrietBeforeAfterCarMIMG_0330-200x300                                                                       Harriet36-modest-IMG_05271-234x300



MIMG_9307-242x300 MIMG_9253-837x1024  MIMG_9589 MIMG_8950-207x300     IMG_2477shid IMG_2341suitandheadshot-200x300 IMG_1775-240x300 IMG_1620-240x300 IMG_1324dating-200x300 IMG_1026newversion  IMG_0794suit-200x300 IMG_0955-240x300  

Please note: These are example photos of our work and we have permission from the models to post them, and their before pictures. We believe in maintaining the privacy of our clients and do not post their photos on the site.


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