About What We Do

“Breindel welcomes you like a good friend, helps you put yourself together like a good sister, and takes photos of you with a gentle understanding of your inner and outer beauty. The photos are radiant.”
— Rochel
Brooklyn, NY

“Working with Breindel and Eric was a true pleasure. Their work was excellent, and they were very warm and gracious throughout. Going the extra mile, they provided insightful suggestions to help me prepare before the shoot even started. Then, at the session, Eric’s photographic expertise was coupled with Breindel’s intuitive grasp of the needs of each image, to project just the right impression in every photo that they took. A very positive experience overall!”
— Moshe
Brooklyn, NY


Eric takes the photos while I (Breindel) handle the clients throughout the photo session! I help you with your wardrobe and jewelry choices, hair (or sheitel) and makeup, and take care of you throughout the photo session, making sure that your clothes, hair and makeup look orderly, help you relax and have fun! Eric makes sure to get you at your best angles, in the best lighting. Together we strive to get you the best photograph to give to your shadchan, so that your beauty as well as inner light shines through.eric-g-photographer2

Usually you have one of two choices: a snapshot which is not the most flattering, or a professional photo that gives the message that you’re desperate and spent money to find a partner. Plus, the photos often don’t look like you because your hair and makeup aren’t the way you usually do it.

But now you have a third — and best — choice, that most people don’t know about: high-quality, flattering photos of you, taken by an experienced, professional photographer — which look like they were taken by your friends at random, natural occasions in your life! Our photographs will capture your inner spark – the spark that will grab someone’s attention.

Our photos will show off the best you can be — not by excessive retouching but simply by taking the time to photograph you at your best.

Having coffee at a diner, walking through the city, at the library, on a picnic, at a fancy event: all of these can be yours in one photo session. And that means that when the man of your dreams is flipping through the myriad profiles, yours will be the one that stands out.

  • Each of our sessions begins with a consultation to personalize and customize your session.
  • You will receive a hand-picked selection of your best photographs from the 3 hour session.
  • You’ll get our personal attention while taking your photographs and while sorting them to bring you the perfect selection of only your best images.

We only have a limited number of photography sessions available, so please contact us today.

Let’s chat so we can discuss your needs and how we can help you: 646-893-8864

Shidduch Photographer is located in Riverdale NY.
Serving NYC, Monsey, Passaic, Deal and Lakewood, we also have packages where we travel to you, as far as Baltimore.